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Attila Hildmann - vegan chef and book author

Roots and Origin

Attila Hildmann, 33, has Turkish roots, was born in Berlin, and raised by German parents. He is an aspiring physicist and a self-taught cook who took a very unusual path to becoming a vegan chef.

When his father suffered a heart attack 14 years ago, it was a shock to him. Attila began researching the subject of healthy eating. When he learned that his father had died as a result of high cholesterol levels, he vowed to do everything he could to lower his own cholesterol and get healthier overall.

The first thing he did with his newly acquired knowledge was cut meat out of his diet entirely. As a new vegetarian, he replaced meat with dairy products and thought by doing this he could not only do remedy his health but also the planet.

Attila began to work out; he wanted to lose weight. But his old enemy, cholesterol, was still an issue and was present in his blood at higher levels than ever before. How could that be?

The reason? Increased consumption of dairy products.


Decision Time

Attila decided, from that point on, to completely give up animal products and become vegan. Consequently, he radically changed his diet over to only plant-based foods.

But it wasn’t easy. There was a lack of imaginative recipes, let alone cookbooks. But determined as ever, he began to get creative, taught himself to cook, and thought up new recipes. He collected these new concoctions and took photos of his creations. The result was his first vegan cookbook (Vegan Kochbuch Vol. 1).

The combination of changing over to eating vegan and working out regularly allowed Attila to finally reach his desired cholesterol level and lose an impressive 77 pounds. He was thrilled.

He uploaded videos of his first vegan cooking classes to YouTube, and the number of views skyrocketed. His relaxed style and attitude toward healthy eating habits and eco-friendly cooking combined with exercise capture the zeitgeist.

Attila continues his journey now, not just in his father’s memory and for himself, but for the hundreds and thousands of people whose lives have been transformed by his efforts.


Best-Selling Author

On Facebook, you can see how Attila has completed various challenges and how he inspires his fans to take part. Whether the Eight-Pack, Iron Man, or VEGAN FOR FIT Challenge, both sports enthusiasts and cooking fans will find what they are looking for. Attila has also been a welcome guest on TV for some time now.

His fourth cookbook VEGAN FOR FUN was released in August 2011 and is still on the bestseller lists. The first run of 10,000 copies was sold out within the first six weeks. His next books VEGAN FOR FIT and VEGAN FOR YOUTH led the series to being so successful that more than 700,000 copies have now been sold.

Be it on TV or in magazines, online or among friends, veganism is a hot topic to many, and Attila Hildmann is proud to be a shining star in the Vegan Cuisine universe.

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